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Complete Striping provides a variety of signage services to the Lansing, MI area. Let us create the perfect product for you.

What We Do:

  • New Layout plans – Making sure parking areas are properly marked is essential to maximize parking area and smooth traffic flow. Many local paving companies rely on our expertise and experience to ensure the asphalt and concrete they install is marked properly and that all Handicapped areas are in compliance with ADA regulations (Americans with Disabilities Act).
  • Surface Restriping - A very cost effective way to brighten the appearance of your business and keep a professional look. as well as eliminating any parking confusion or safety issues.
  • Warehouse Markings - Is essential in today's age to maximize floor area by keeping things organized and accessible. It is also crucial for employee safety around forklift traffic. We can work with you and your ideas to help improve companied efficiency. There are many paints that can be utilized on warehouse flooring and we can help you choose the most effective paint for your application.
  • Line Removal - line grinding, to remove any unwanted lines
  • Thermoplastic Pavement Markings - Utilized in very heavy traffic areas. such as Bus stations, crosswalks, railroad crossings. Thermoplastics have an extremely longer life expectancy than traffic paint however the cost is also increased dramatically. We can help you determine if thermoplastics are the right choice for you.
  • Sport Courts & Playground Marking - You can rely on us to paint any type of outdoor sport surfaces from basketball to tennis we love the challenge of these difficult layouts. We also have the capability to layout or repaint playground marking's like Hopscotch or 4 Squares.
  • Sign installation and replacement - Helps customers navigate your parking area safely.
  • Parking area cleaning - recommended every spring to help eliminate the build up of dirt and debris that accumulates on your asphalt surface. When a tire turns on top of dirt it acts much like sand paper on your parking area which dramatically effects the life of your asphalt surface and the stripes.

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